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Florida DUI Laws

Administrative Penalties, Florida DUI Laws and Penalties

We have created a quick index of many of Florida's DUI laws and penalties. These are only laws that pertain to DUI arrest, DUI license suspension, DUI school and administrative penalties and requirements. Please contact the DUI defense attorneys at K.L. Foote for all currentl laws and legal options to defend your legal rights.

  • Administrative Suspension - Under the Age of 21
  • Administrative Suspension Law
  • Administrative Disqualification Law
  • Administrative Suspension Review Hearings
  • 10 Day Rule
  • Driving Under the Influence in Florida
  • Florida DUI Fine Schedule
  • Community Service
  • Imprisonment for DUI in Florida
  • Impoundment or Immobilization of Vehicle
  • Conditions of Release of Persons Arrested for DUI
  • Florida DUI Misdemeanor Conviction
  • Florida DUI Felony Conviction
  • Manslaughter and Vehicular Homicide
  • Driver License Revocation and Suspension Periods for DUI in Florida
  • Commercial Driver Alcohol-Related Convictions
  • Employment Related License Reinstatements
  • Florida DUI School Requirements
  • Chemical or Physical Test Provisions
  • DUI Adjudication and DUI Sentencing
  • Driving While License Suspended or Revoked

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